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Troubleshooting Guide for Injection Molders

This seminar covers the basic fundamentals of troubleshooting plastic injection molded defects. It covers the causes solutions, and correctios for the top 23 most common molding defects such as, flash, short shots, cracks, black specks, and more. "Defects" is the most popular topic when molders get together.


PIM 1 - Fundamentals of Injection Molding

This seminar covers the basic fundamentals of plastic injection molding, including the molding machine, parameters of the molding process, optimizing the process, the role of the operator, purpose and description of the mold, auxiliary equipment, secondary operations, testing, quality, failure analysis, and includes a complete section on identifying and correcting defects.

NOTE: These are the first 2, of a total of 8, Online Seminars on Plastics that are in the works. Please check back often as we will load them as soon as they are launched.

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Our online seminars are designed to be easy to use, informative, and to provide fundamental information for anyone interested in the plastic injection molding process.


They are intended for all, from hopper attendants to company presidents, and even experts can gain valuable information from these seminars.


Optional testing is included and Certificates of Achievement are available for those wishing to fulfill the need for certifying course completion.