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Adjusting Mold Clamps - Safely mounting the injection mold in a press.

When installing a mold to the machine platens, make sure the mold clamps are NOT parallel. You won't be able to keep them parallel due to expansion and contraction of the various mold plates and machine platens, and you'll constantly be adjusting them. Instead, place a shim under the clamp body rear, to adjust the clamp originally so the toe of the clamp is pointing towards the platen. This directs the clamping force towards the platen and will maintain the clamp force without the need for further adjusting. 


The amount to use as a shim should be enough to force the rear of the clamp approximately 1/8 inch higher than the toe of the clamp. Too much difference may cause the bolt to snap under excessive force.


Adjusting Mold Clamp

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